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Talking in Delirium
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Talk in Delirium

Uwa Goto: Talk in Delirium

Welcome to uwa_goto, home of everything pertaining to writing. This is a writing comm. This is a multi-fandom story based community where you can post anything, and everything about fictional stories. Claims are widely welcome here, and we enoy seeing your take on prompts and what not. That doesn't mean we don't like the occasional errant plot bunny. You can post OC's here and and art that you've drawn from fandoms and other places. Everything is fine and dandy as long as you follow the rules. With that said:

The Rules

About the Mod: Don't piss off the mod or you get stabbed. Serisouly, or just e-stabbed, for clarification.
Joining: Just join! Don't let the moderated membership scare you away. I just don't want trolls joining my comm with the inabilty to not type 'lykE dis!!1!eleven' I don't care how many times you update/post anything in the comm, but if you're journal is deleted, I'll delete it from the list. Make sure you tell me before-hand so I can edit the tags.

Fake Cuts: You can make a fake cut out of the journal and in. This way it makes more traffic in and out of the journal. If your're cut leads out of the site please warn us ahead of time so there isn't any pr0n being loaded onto someone's computer.

Tagging: Don't tag anything. Ever. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. I have a system, so that people can search for everything, right down to the characters. Plus, I have OCD and I seriously hate when people mess up my rythm. (See: About the mod)

Posting Stories: I don't really care what you put as the subject or your method of posting, but please put the Rating, and warnings. If I find that pr0n doesn't have a rating I'll give you one day to correct if before I delete it.

If you want, this is the standard form for posting anything:

-Or (For a claim post)-

All stories must be behind an lj-cut, even if it's a G-Rated poem.




Will be here, whenever we get any.XP