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Over_Look [Kanna-centric] - Talking in Delirium
Over_Look [Kanna-centric]
Title: Suffer
Author: x_heartdonor
Challenge done for:over_look
Prompt/Challenge: Protect
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG-13
Warning: None

She said that she'd protect her, folding her fan against a heart that beat in another hand. Kanna could only trip slightly on the flippant sneer. It didn't matter anyway. It only mattered when Naraku tugged her literal heart strings and left Kagura cringing on the mountand top. Kanna suddenly realized who had to protect whom.

The first time her fingers tripped and slipped over fabric which lost her mirror deep inside its folds. He was pushing into place she hand't thought could ever hurt so much. She suffered for Kagura's freedom and choked on the irony of owning one's heart like this.