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bodyandsoul100 [Hikari/Koorime] - Talking in Delirium
bodyandsoul100 [Hikari/Koorime]
Title: Shadows to Substance
Prompt Set: Various #2
Prompt: #81: Run
Word Count: 1,376
Rating: PG-PG13
Warnings: Femme!slash, cursing
Author's Notes: "Music was all Hikari could hear. The music warmed her soul, took her mind off of the events of that evening. She couldn't remember how long she had been running, and she didn't care."
Music was all Hikari could hear. There were no lyrics to this song. No bass, no drums, no special effects. Only the pure melody of the electric guitar was heard. It was alone, yet sounded so beautiful, it seemed that vocals would merely take away from the song itself.
Hikari pressed a button on the side of her MP3 player, and it beeped once, indicating that the song was on repeat. She sighed, looking up at the sky to watch her breath float to the heavens. Despite that she was only wearing a tanktop and jeans, she wasn't cold. The music warmed her soul, took her mind off of the events of that evening. She couldn't remember how long she had been running, and she didn't care.
"I never really loved you, anyway!" Those six words echoed in her head over and over as she had run. She had kept running until her feet collapsed from under her on the grass, and she sobbed into it. She couldn't remember crying so hard in her life. The one person who meant the world to her, the only person she had ever fallen in love with...
"I never really loved you, anyway!"
Hikari had felt lied to as she laid in the grass, sobbing and drooling and not caring what happened to her. She had felt hate, despair, betrayal, apathy, and guilt all at once. She felt guilt the most, because she knew she was to blame for all of this.
"Just shut the fuck up!" She had screamed at her lover.
"Fine, I will! Because you know what? I never really loved you, anyway!"
Hikari had run after that. Ran out the door of the room they shared, out of the door of the house that had taken her in two years ago. Passed the bench under the tree where Hikari had confessed her love.
And she didn't turn back. Not even for a moment.
Now, she didn't feel anything. She was cold, she knew it. Despite the crisp music running through her head that made her feel warm, in reality she wasn't warm, but was too numb to feel the cold. She was lying to herself, just like Koorime had. All lies.
The music slowed as it reached its end. A light drizzle began to fall from the sky, but Hikari barely noticed. Her eyes were fixed on the ground, yet she hardly saw it. She knew she was lost, and she didn't care if she was found.
"Maybe it's better that way, anyway..." Hikari muttered to herself. It didn't matter if she talked to herself or if she didn't. She knew nobody was around to listen. She could barely hear herself.
It had been such a stupid argument. A simple disagreement. That was all they had needed to scream at each other as if they had been mortal enemies. If only Hikari had known their relationship was so unstable. Maybe then she wouldn't have said the words she did, raised her
voice quite as much, continued arguing with Koorime like she did. She knew that Koorime had a short fuse when it came to yelling, but she was just so angry that it took control.
Hikari couldn't remember most of what she had said, mostly from the fact that all of what she said was through anger and impulse. She almost wanted to take it back, if it wasn't for what Koorime had said. If only she could turn back time.
"But I guess it doesn't matter anymore..." Hikari sighed once more as she pulled her legs to her chest, curling up in a ball. Slowly, she closed her eyes...
"Hikari!" Hikari heard a familiar voice and looked up. It was Koorime, panting in a black hoodie and jeans. It was the one Hikari had bought her for her birthday.
Quickly, she pulled it off, revealing a white tee shirt, and put the hoodie around Hikari. Hikari said nothing; she just continued listening to her music.
"C'mon, Hikari, we need to get you home." Koorime said, trying to pull Hikari up. She didn't move.
"Hikari?" Koorime asked, looking at her. "Look at me, Hikari." Koorime yanked at Hikari's headphones, pulling them from her ears. Everything went silent, except for Koorime's voice.
"Look at me, Hikari." As soon as Hikari's gaze met Koorime's, so did her lips. Only when Koorime pulled away did Hikari see the tears on her face.
"I'm sorry I argued with you, Hikari. I'm sorry I got so upset at you because I really wasn't. I'm sorry I said all those things to you. I'm sorry that I said I never loved you because I do, and I always will. I'm sorry that I lied to you and said something like that." Koorime blurted out all at once. "If you hate me I understand, but we're all worried about you. Won't you please come home? I've been looking for you all night..."
Koorime pulled at Hikari's arm once more, and she stood. At first Hikari had to lean on Koorime for support, but once they got moving she was walking on her own.
The trip back was silent. Hikari glanced at Koorime for a moment. She stared at the ground while she walked. She looked up at Hikari for some sort of sign of how she was feeling. She seemed indifferent.
She's always this way when she's angry... Koorime thought to herself sadly.
"I'm not angry, if that's what you're thinking." Hikari said suddenly. It always amazed Koorime how Hikari could practically read her mind. She opened her mouth to say something, but shut it again and just shivered.
Suddenly Hikari stopped walking.
"What's wrong?" Koorime asked, turning back to walk toward her. In response, Hikari took the sweatshirt off and slid it over Koorime's head.
"But Hikari, you're cold." Koorime protested. "You need it more than I do-"
"I'll be fine," was all Hikari replied with, and continued walking.
"Thank you..." Koorime said quietly.
"You're welcome." Hikari replied. It was the coldest "you're welcome" Koorime had ever heard.
They continued walking in silence. Koorime yawned and glanced at her watch. 2:01 AM. After a moment, she spoke up.
"You said you weren't angry-"
"I'm not." Hikari interjected.
"I know, but something's wrong. I can tell, Hikari. What's the-"
"We'll talk when we get home." Hikari interjected, again. Koorime grew tired of being interrupted.
"No, Hikari!" She cried out in anger. Hikari turned and glared at her. "I mean, no, Hikari..." She repeated quieter, then sighed.
"Look, I know I shouldn't get angry so easily, but-"
"No, you look!" Hikari snapped. "I'm sick of this shit! I'm sick of being yelled at all the time! So just..." She stopped herself.
"Just shut the fuck up!"
Hikari looked at Koorime. She had pulled the hood of her sweatshirt over her head, crying silently to herself. But Hikari could hear her. She pulled Koorime into her arms, and she didn't protest.
"Please don't cry, Aibou." Hikari found herself saying. It was the first time she had called her that since the argument. "Shh, don't cry, I'm sorry."
"I know what you were going to say..." Koorime said through choked sobs. Hikari sighed, continuing to stroke Koorime's back.
"I know, so do I..." She trailed off. "I suppose we both need to learn to control our anger..."
"Yeah..." Koorime mumbled, then yawned again.
"I guess it is pretty late, huh?" Hikari said. Koorime nodded, her eyes beginning to close. Pretty soon, she was asleep in Hikari's arms. She could just as easily have woken her up, but instead pulled Koorime on her back, and continued home.
Koorime awoke the next morning feeling calm and warm, a big improvement from the previous night. Hikari was fast asleep next to her, her arms around Koorime's waist. She smiled, kissing her lips softly. Hikari kissed back. Koorime was surprised at first, but ignored it, enjoying the kiss. When they parted, Koorime smirked slightly.
"I thought you were asleep." She said.
"I was resting my eyes." Hikari replied, finally opening them. "You look beautiful."
Koorime blushed. "Thanks..."
"You're welcome." This time, it was sincere.
"Look, Hikari, about last night-"
"Don't worry about it, it's over now."
"So..." Koorime began. "No more yelling?"
Hikari nodded. "No more yelling."
Hikari smiled, kissing Koorime on the forehead.
"I promise."

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