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bodyandsoul100 [Hikari/Koorime] - Talking in Delirium
bodyandsoul100 [Hikari/Koorime]
Title: Flower Petals
Prompt Set: Various #2
Prompt: #44: Blossom
Word Count: 1141
Rating: G
Warnings: Femme!slash, but just kissing
Author's Notes: None
It was a warm afternoon in Spring. The breeze was blowing softly, knocking the petals into the air. They twisted and turned in front of amethyst eyes, who gazed out the window onto a certain midnight-haired teenager. Their owner, Hikari, sighed softly. She laid on the bed she shared with her friend, one hand cradling her head. She sighed again.
Hikari watched her friend outside as she tried to do a cartwheel. No matter how much she tried she could never get it completly right. Her hand would slip and she would fall, or her feet wouldn't be completely straight. Hikari felt a pang of guilt for not being there to pick her back up, but at the same time Hikari got to see her flat stomach everytime she tried and failed.
At this Hikari blushed. She wasn't supposed to think of Koorime this way, was she? To Koorime, Hikari was only a friend; of that she was almost certain. But, what of the part that wasn't certain? Was it possible that Koorime...
Hikari shook the thought from her head. There was no way Koorime felt the way she did. But how did she feel? Lately everytime Hikari looked at Koorime she wanted to kiss her. Not on the cheek or forehead like a good sister would, but on the lips. They had never done that before; Hikari never had the courage.
Hikari sighed again. This had been driving her crazy. She felt so confused. She hardly knew what her emotions were anymore. Slowly, she sat up, but kept her eyes fixed on Koorime. Koorime had almost managed to successfully do a cartwheel, but her hand slipped from under her once more and she fell. Hikari winced, as if feeling the pain herself. Koorime pulled herself into a sitting position.
"Ugh!" She yelled in frustration, standing up again. Hikari smiled. That was one thing she admired in her young friend: she worked hard at something until she accomplished it.
"Hikari..." Hikari jumped at her name, spinning around to see Peanut Butter. He had an eyebrow arched at her. "What are you...doing?"
"Who, me?" Hikari asked nervously, blushing. "N-nothing, just lookin' out the window."
"Well that's all you had to say." P.B. said. "But by the sound of your voice, you weren't just "looking out the window" were you?"
Hikari sighed. "No..." P.B. walked over to the bed, sitting next to her.
"What's the matter?" he asked. "This isn't really like you."
Hikari was quiet for a moment, then spoke. "There's nothing really wrong, I don't think. I mean, at least I don't feel like something's wrong. It's just that I feel weird, but not wrong, just..." Hikari sighed again. P.B. waited, listening patiently.
"Peanut Butter..." Hikari began. P.B. knew she was serious. "I...I think I like someone..." Her face seemed to have turned a different shade of red with each word.
P.B. smiled. Hikari noticed.
"You don't think it's stupid, do you?" Hikari asked quietly. Her eyes were fixed on the ground.
"Of course not. It's completely normal." P.B. replied.
"But..." Hikari interjected. "What if the relationship isn't exactly "normal"?"
"Hikari," P.B. began, "Loving, or even liking someone, is always normal. No matter who it is or who you are."
Hikari smiled. "Thanks." He returned it.
"No problem."
Hikari walked downstairs and out the door to find Koorime fall over. She groaned.
"I give up." She said. Hikari smiled.
"Don't do that." Koorime looked over at Hikari. A grin spread across her face when she saw her.
"I guess you saw me screw up, then?" Koorime asked sheepishly.
"You didn't screw up. You did a lot better than you were before."
"Yeah, I guess..." Koorime mumbled.
"You did. Really." Hikari said. "Just try to make your legs straighter." Koorime nodded and stood to try it again. This time when her legs went up, Hikari caught them, keeping them straight as they came down. Koorime stood back up, grinning from ear to ear.
"I did it!" She exclaimed, pulling Hikari into a tight embrace. "Thank you, Hikari."
Hikari was taken aback for a moment, but smiled and ran a hand through Koorime's hair.
"You're welcome, Aibou. It was nothing."
For awhile the only thing heard was the sound of the trees in the wind. The silence became awkward, or so it seemed to Hikari, and she coughed to break it.
Koorime giggled. "That was so fake."
"Hush." Hikari replied, glad she could make her laugh.
Silence for a moment. Hikari was blushing by now; she had to say something to Koorime before she exploded.
"Aibou..." Hikari began. Koorime looked up at her with curiosity.
"What's up?" She asked.
"Can I talk to you?" She asked, then more quietly added. "In private?" Worry laced Koorime's face.
"Is there something wrong?" she asked. Hikari shook her head.
"No. Well, yes. Maybe for me, but..." She couldn't get her words straight, which made her blush even more.
Koorime giggled. "Are you drunk?"
"Certainly feels like it..." Hikari said under her breath.
"What?" Koorime asked.
"Nothing, Aibou." Hikari said quickly, putting her arm on Koorime's shoulder and beginning to walk. Koorime followed. They walked in silence for a little while, under Hikari noticed a bench. It was just a small, wooden bench, but it had a tree right above it. It's pink petals blew in the wind. It looked beautiful in Hikari's eyes.
She sat down on the bench, and Koorime sat next to her.
"So what did you want to talk about?" She asked. Hikari blushed once more.
"Well, um...how long have we known each other?"
"About two years." Koorime answered almost immediately.
"Yeah, well..." Hikari took a deep breath, and continued. "I've just been feeling strange lately..."
"Are you sick?" Koorime asked curiously.
"In a way, I suppose..." Hikari replied, then sighed. "Look, Koorime, what I really wanted to say was that..."
I can't do this! A voice in her head screamed. If I tell her she'll think I'm
gross and hate me forever.
But it was too late now.
"What is it, Hikari?" Koorime pushed on. Hikari sighed again.
"Koorime...I..." It was too late to turn back now. "I love you..."
Koorime just looked at her for a moment.
"You...you do?" Koorime asked. Hikari nodded slightly, waiting for her response. Koorime seemed to be in thought for awhile, then blushed a little.
"I love you too..."
This time it was Hikari's turn to stare. "You do?"
"Yeah..." Koorime said. "I do."
"Well..." Hikari began. "That was a lot easier than I thought It'd be." Koorime giggled.
Hikari pulled Koorime into a tight embrace. Koorime returned it.
"You'll still be my sister, right?" Koorime asked after awhile.
"Of course." Hikari replied. "I'll always be your sister, just..." Hikari leaned in, delivering a small, soft kiss on Koorime's lips. "...maybe a little more than that."

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